Core Access Assurance Suite

The Core Access Assurance Suite is an all-in-one identity and access management (IAM) solutions that include industry leading IAM products, like Core Password, Core Access, Core Provisioning and Core Compliance.

Core Access Insight

With Core Access Insight, your system becomes Intelligent IAM. The 'Access Intelligence' feature analyzes the identity and access data using advanced analytic tools to perform data mining, statistical analysis, data visualization and predictive analytics.

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Core Access Assurance

The Core Access Assurance enables you to quickly and efficiently give provision and de-provision users and their identities from a multitude of systems based on a full life-cycle of activity.

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Core PAM

The Core PAM enables you to automatically discover, provide access control, secure and audit privileged activity with enhanced visibility, continuous auto discovery, much needed automation and encrypted password data store.

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Gluu IDP

Enterprise ready, free open source software for identity & access management (IAM). Gluu server enables you to configure single sign-on (SSO) to any web or mobile application that supports OpenID Connect, SAML or CAS for federated identity.

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Fischer International

From how we've engineered our software to our identity and access management solution implementation methodology that eliminates unnecessary overhead and cost, our policy is to invest in our customer. We've evolved IAM far beyond any other offerings in the market and our result proves it.

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The IT is undergoing a huge transformation as enterprises are increasingly adopting Cloud to meet business demands for elasticity, flexibility and scalability. With hybrid IT becoming a norm, critical enterprise assets are now distributed and required efficient identity and access management services. Sensitive data or critical infrastructure is now already reside on Cloud and outside the enterprise traditional perimeter.

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