Energy and utility companies, along with standards organizations, are taking extreme measures to protect critical infrastructure devices, SCADA networks and critical application servers from threats. An order was issued by the President to improve critical infrastructure security, resulting in a host of government regulations including NIST, CIP and NERC.

Energy and utility companies need to be proactive and focus on the most likely threats based on the combination of access risks, vulnerabilities, attack patterns and known exploits. With Vulnerability and Access Risk Management these companies can narrow down the immediate risks for remediation, see who has access to everything and more.


Traditional security solutions are reactive, relying on incident detection or sifting through mountains of vulnerability data to manage threats. This results in unnecessary risk.

To reach a balanced security strategy, retail organizations need to be more proactive and focus on the most likely threats across their network including a combination of access risk, vulnerabilities, attack patterns and known exploits.

Higher Education

Organizations in the education sector face a litany of complicated security challenges driven by their need to protect IT assets and data, while supporting networks that permit use by large numbers of individuals working across a wide range of academic and research pursuits.

With IAMSEC's Vulnerability and Access Management platform, security professionals in higher education need to isolate and prioritize their most critical vulnerability and access risks to more effectively address risks, ensure that defensive mechanisms are functioning properly and prepare for mandated compliance audits.