Gluu Server

Enterprise ready, free open source software for identity & access management (IAM).

Gluu server enables you to configure single sign-on (SSO) to any web or mobile application that supports OpenID Connect, SAML or CAS for federated identity.


Single Sign-On

Offer secure single sign-on (SSO) across OpenID Connect, SAML and CAS web & mobile applications.

Two-Factor Authentication

Support a variety of 2FA mechanisms and business logic to enforce strong security everywhere.

Access Management

Secure APIs and centrally manage who can access which resources across your digital kingdom.

Identity Management APIs

Provision and de-provision users in the Gluu Server with standard identity management APIs.

Directory Integration

Bridge existing Active Directory and LDAP identity systems to give apps secure access to user data.

Fast Deployment

Linux packages for Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, and Debian make installing Gluu fast & easy on any cloud platform.


Gluu Server

Recipes, assets and support for Docker, Kubernetes, and other container deployments of Gluu.

Gluu Gateway

API gateway leveraging the Gluu Server for client credentials and policy management.

Gluu Casa

Self-service portal for end-users to manage account security preferences, like 2FA.

Super Gluu

Push notification two-factor authentication (2FA) mobile app for iOS and Android.


OpenID Connect & UMA client software for server-side web apps.

Cluster Manager

GUI tool for installing and managing a highly available, clustered Gluu Server infrastructure.