Core Access Insight

Core Access Insight

Access Insight works with any Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution to give you a continuous and comprehensive view of your network while helping you to improve compliance and prioritize access risks.

With Access Insight, your system becomes more than IAM it becomes intelligent IAM. "Access intelligence" features analyze the identity and access data using advanced analytic tools to perform data mining, statistical analysis, data visualization and predictive analytics. These are not generic data analysis tools. They draw on IAM-specific policies, rules and risk indicators to provide information of immediate value to IAM administrators and analysts, compliance officers and incident responders.

Why do you need Access Insight?

The goal of access management is to make sure that the right people have access to the right systems at the right time. But how can you do that when you can't see who has access to what in your organization?

With Access Insight you can not only make sure that the right people have access but you can see what that access means. You can also increase compliance and prepare for your audits by producing a trail of access request rights and password resets to fulfill your regulatory requirements.

Reduce risk and continuously and comprehensively monitor your access risk as well as with:

Segregation of Duty Violations Checks:

No one should be able to request and approve their own orders. Keep these separate by not allowing overlapping duties.

Policy Violations:

Catch them before they happen and force an alert to their manager

Reduce Over/Under Provisioning:

With so much routine change in your organization, provisioning can become a rubber-stamp exercise. Don't let that happen, compare across roles and have better insight to what your team needs.


Automatically Evaluate And Act Upon Risks

Automatically evaluate and act upon risks associated with users access and activities.

Continuously Govern

Continuously govern through on-demand micro-certifications.

Automatically Identify and Remediate Improper Access

Automatically identify and remediate improper user access that could harm your organization.

Model Activity Patterns

Analyze massive amounts of identity and access data against policy and company-defined models of activity patterns.