Government Services

Government Services Overview

Arm Yourself Against Cyber-Attacks.

With events such as the OPM and IRS hacks, it is clear that government organizations need to remain at the forefront of IT security in order to protect our national security. Vulnerability and Access Risk Management is the only solution that can help you deter, detect, and re-mediate both infrastructure and access risk.

The IAMSEC Attack Intelligence Platform enables government agencies to meet and exceed many of the National Insititute of Standars and Technology's (NIST) recommendations for Information Security Continuous Monitoring. Core Security customers conduct regular, safe and controlled assessments across a wide range of threats vectors and gain insight regarding operational security posture.


Eliminate threats

The rise of mobile devices, demand for new services and focus on transparency in today's daily operations have exponentially increased the threat surface. With a VARM solution, your infrastructure vulnerabilities are scanned, tested, and prioritized by risk.

Gain Efficiencies

Agencies siloed by mission or function can obscure an overall risk assessment. VARM is not siloed and looks across your organization. Through vulnerability prioritization your security team can spend time addressing the most pressing threats, while automated systems monitor for access risks in the network.

Remain Compliant

Between the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and NIST, there are unique regulations and constant revisions to government regulation. Solutions enable government agencies to meet and exceed many of NIST's recommendations for Information Security Continuous Monitoring.

Reduce demands on IT

By automating processes such as password reset and using penetration testing tools, you can decrease your time spent on these day-to-day activities and possibly, reduce your headcount – saving money across your agency.