Magic XPI


With an increasing number of integration projects on your plate, the IT needs an easy and cost-effective solution to successfully execute, maintain and modify them.

Component Development & Integration

We provide enterprises with a full range of integration professional services and solutions for expert planning, management and implementation of highly complex and customized IT and communications projects using Magic xpi and Magic xpa.

Developing Magic Xpi Components

We develop Magic xpi components for various leading enterprise systems, OS platforms, business ecosystems, optimized connectors and adapters to extend the capabilities of leading ERP, CRM, finance and other enterprise systems.

Developing Magic Xpi Components

Data Format Description Language an open standard from Open Grid Forum is a modeling language for describing general text and binary data in standard way. The Industry standards such as CSV, SWIFT, FIX, HL7, X12, HIPAA, EDIFACT & ISO8583 are handled by this component. Data conversion from XML to Binary data and Binary data to XML handled seamlessly without need to write any code using this component.

ISVXSL Magic Xpi Component

With the ISVXSL xpi transformer you can handle all character-based data exchange formats and generate whatever output you need. EDIFACT, ODETTE, TRADACOMS, GENCOD, ICODIF, SWIFT, X12, IEF SAECS, VDA, UIC, IATA CARGO-IMP / AHM / SSIM, Spec-2000, SAP IDOC, numerous XML brands and countless proprietary formats are supported. We prefer the class of character-based data exchange formats. The Character-based doesn't imply 'printable'; the format can contain plenty of control character values. If you have given a true binary format to handle one containing multi-byte BCD, IEEE or machine-specific number representations, else a message based on the ASN.1 syntax or similar (which makes use of bit-wise fields and explicit binary-coded length indicators for delimiting data fields), then you shall consider DFDL MAGIC XPI Component.