Healthcare Services

Healthcare Services

Healthcare data records are some of the most valuable in the world to attackers. IAMSEC understands what your data means to you and how to help keep your records secure. By implementing solutions to continuously and comprehensively monitor your vulnerability and access risk, you can keep your focus where it belongs - on your patients.

Healthcare Services Overview

We understand the everyday pressure you are under to keep your data, your patients and your employees safe. Our security solutions for healthcare will help you do more than pass your audit; they will help you become fully compliant by continuously monitoring and prioritizing your organization's access risk to ensure that only the right people have access to the right information at the right time.

IAMSECVISION is able to isolate your sensitive healthcare assets and model the most likely path an attacker might take to reach them. Using a patented attack path planner, Core Security correlates known exploits, attack patterns, network, and security data with identified vulnerabilities. The result is a set of demonstrable attack paths to critical healthcare assets that can be used to produce an achievable remediation plan for IT operations.

How does IAMSEC help you

Cost Savings

Not only does an automated system help reduce overhead in your security team at $398 per record, the highest in any industry, a vulnerability and access risk management system will reduce your risk of a breach and save you what could be a million dollar breach.

Reduce Threat Surface

While some companies may hold thousands of records for current clients at any given time, hospitals and other health organizations can hold millions of records, past and present for years. By assuring that you are reducing the risk that any of those records are compromised.

Improved Compliance

We understand the regulatory requirements of HIPAA, HIMSS and other industry regulations so our solutions allow you to proactively monitor your organization for potential risks and demonstrate risk assessments for HIPAA and other industry audits.

Gain Efficiencies

With our automated systems, vulnerability and access risk prioritization and proactive monitoring solutions, you will be able to see into any part of your system at any time and be alerted to any issues so that you can keep your focus where it belongs - on the patients.