Financial Services

Financial Services

Banks and financial centers have more than just money on the line. Core Security has helped world banks and financial centers manage vulnerability and access risks.

Financial Services Overview

Despite adhering to stringent compliance mandates, the financial sector is a high-value target for cyber criminals, cyber terrorists, and enemy states. Between the pressure to maintain compliance with SOX and other industry regulations and the need to maintain the trust they have earned in their community, banks and financial institutions need to detect and re-mediate threats immediately.

With IAMSEC, you can not only identify, but prioritize both access and vulnerability risks in your organization. Sophisticated threats and targeted custom attacks continue to test the IT security hardiness of financial services institutions.

Our solutions for financial services organizations will help you do more than pass your audit; they will help you stay fully compliant with continuous and comprehensive monitoring and help you detect, deter, and re-mediate both access and vulnerability risk.


Eliminate threats

Credit card numbers and other financial information are stolen more than almost any other record. By assuring that only the right people have the proper access to those records and continuously monitoring for both insider and outsider threats, you are reducing the chance that any of those records are compromised.

Gain Efficiencies

With our automated systems, attack path modeling, continuous monitoring solutions and risk prioritization, you will be able to see into your system at any time and be alerted to any issues so that you can keep your focus where it belongs on your customers.

Improved Compliance

We understand the regulatory requirements of SOX, PCI, and other financial industry guidelines and our solutions allow you to proactively monitor your organization for potential risks that could keep you from being fully compliant.

Reduce demands on IT

Not only does an automated system help reduce overhead in your security team at $215 per record, a vulnerability and access risk management solution will reduce your risk of an attack and save you what could be millions in the case of a breach.