Fischer International

We are the evolution of Identity And Access Management

Our Mission: Your Success

From how we've engineered our software to our implementation methodology that eliminates unnecessary overhead and cost, our policy is to invest in our customer. We've evolved IAM far beyond any other offering in the market. And our result prove it.




Flexible Solutions: In the Cloud or on-Premise

Our Mission: Your Success

Fischer is a holistic identity & access management platform that scales to meet each organizations need and delivery preference: on-premise, managed identity as a service cloud or hosted cloud.

Access Governance

Automatically and reliably control accounts and privileges across internal and external systems based on each user's attributes and risk profile. Fischer reliably and consistently manages access per your policies 24/7, detects and re-mediates access violations, eliminates human error and ensures predictable services to users.

Provisioning & Deprovisioning

Automatically create, modify or delete accounts and entitlements based on real-time events in your critical systems (e.g. hire, terminate, transfer, leave of absence etc.) all per your access control policies. Provide "day zero" access for new users. Automatically revoke (or downgrade) access to accounts for departing users: no ghost accounts.

Self service Access Request

Ensure that user-requested access is convenient and comply with governance requirements. From an intuitive portal, limit displayed accounts based on the user's attributes, trigger approval workflows that route request events to any number of approvers. All access request events are fully audited, from request to fulfillment.

External user and Contractor management

Fischer provides an out-of-the-box, audited process for on boarding external user and managing access per your access governance framework. The end to end solution includes self-registration, role-based access control, approvals, automated provisioning and deprovisioning, access certification, password reset and more.

Password Reset & Synchronization

Cut Help Desk costs and increase user convenience by empowering user to reset and synchronize password across virtually all system. Password portal login is ironically password-free; the Fischer mobile app provides secure OOB authentication with up to five authentication factors.

Privileged Access Management

Control access to administrative, shared, DBA, root and other highly privileged accounts on Windows, Unix, Linux, Mainframe, SaaS and other systems. Ensure that accounts in use have only the entitlements necessary for their work being performed. Create stronger security policies and general IT controls.