Secure Reset


Passwords and PINS alone are no longer good enough to protect access to your business critical data and applications.

With Mobile Reset authentication you can combine a username and password with the one thing users always carry with them– their mobile phone. Quickly deploy multi-factor authentication via a full suite of out-of-band channels including device login, SMS, Telelphony, One-time Passwords (OTPs) and PUSH Notifications to ensure that access is controlled securely.


Convenient Mobile Authentication.

With our free mobile app, you can authenticate via login to your smartphone and push notifications.


SMS Users? Got you covered.

Receive one-time use pass-codes on your phone by text message and authenticate by typing them into your secondary login prompt.

Actionable Analytics

Prefer Telephone? No Problem.

We will call your smartphone. You just answer and authenticate via key press, challenge and response and/or voice bio-metric.


Secure Reset works by confirming the caller's identity with voice bio-metric and/or knowledge verification. Successfully verified employees and customers receive new passwords or PINs over the phone and can then carry on with their chosen activity.

How it works?

Users are identified based on their unique voice signature ("voice-print") and/or through response to knowledge-based authentication questions. The system then resets the password and speaks it to the user over the phone. Users get started by following these two simple steps:


New voice bio-metric users call the system and provide a voice sample as prompted by the Automated Password Reset (APR) system. This voice sample is then converted into a digital template or voice-print, which is stored in the server database.


In a typical verification process, the previously-enrolled caller enters a unique identifier such as an employee number. The APR system recognizes the identifier, checks the database to see if the caller has enrolled and then prompts the caller to speak their verification phrase. APR then scores the voice sample to determine if it is a match and/or validates responses to any knowledge authentication questions.

Features and Benefits

Core Security Core Password is the industry-leading solution for secure, self-service password management. It features multiple access options, robust service desk integration and the ability to enforce consistent password policies for any system, application or web portal.

By including telephone-based password resets as part of your Core Password implementaton, you will be able to:

Automate password resets

Enhance authentication security with voice verification

Gain efficiencies at the help-desk

Create a searchable audit trail of all password reset interactions