Core PAM

Discover, Control and Monitor Privileged Accounts and their Activity

Every organization has elevated non-restrictive access to critical IT assets also known as privileged access. These privileged accounts are important for any business to get their jobs done however, they also require continuous monitoring and auditing. With constrained manual resources, it is not always possible to have clear visibility into these accounts. Thus, to gain the much needed visibility and access rights of these accounts. Organizations need a complete holistic solution enabling them to be in control of their privileged account activities.

Core PAM allows you to do all this. It enables you to automatically discover, provide access control, secure and audit privileged activity by giving you enhanced visibility, continuous auto-discovery, much needed automation and encrypted password data store. With Core PAM, you are in control of your organization's privileged account activity, which means more efficiency, better audits and improved security posture.

Increase Compliance and reduce Threat surface

Due to the frequency and seriousness of breaches caused by privileged account misuse, compliance requirements have increased. This means that to be compliant with SOX, HIPPA, PCI-DSS, FISMA and other mandales, you need an automalod, comprehensive credentials management process for privileged accounts.

Faster Development

You want your selected solution to deploy quickly so that you can start strategizing and securing your organization's privileged access. While most solutions can take months to truly deploy, Core PAM installs quickly on global networks with minimal effort on your part, hence lower cost of ownership.

Easy to integrate and simple to maintain

IT applications exists in silos and thus you need a solution that can integrate with your other business critical solutions. Moreover, you need something that's easy to maintain and support so that you are spending more time utilizing it's benefits and less time supporting it. Core PAM makes it easy for you to integrate with your help desk software, SIEM, Multi-factor authentication analytics and is easy to maintain.

Automate and Increase Efficiency

Automating the credentials management process for privileged accounts can help improve the efficiency of IT operations. With Core PAM, you can automatically track, secure and report your privileged identities, systems and account inter dependencies with minimal manual intervention. With clear visibility and control on these privileged accounts, you can now be more efficient and focus on other business critical activities.

Why Privileged Access Management?

To Stop Lateral Movement With Unique Passwords

For Continuous Password Rotation

  • Controlled passwords lifetimes limit the value of compromised credentials

  • Its tough for hackers to hit a moving target

  • Scale and automation can change credentials as often as every day for every hour.

Automation & Speed

  • Passwords need to be changed in hours and not days or weeks.

  • The ability to scale up and out, fast and through automation is critical.